Cabling guidelines

Nikhef Housing Cabling Guidelines

Nikhef permits customers to install their own cabling between parties within rooms H140 and H142. Please read the following guidelines.

  • Certain racks are not accessible to all parties. If the target rack is not accessible, a patch must be installed by Nikhef support staff
  • It is not permitted to install cables underneath the floor without permission from Nikhef.
  • It is not allowed to remove cables from any ducts or underneath the floor. If cables are to be removed, spool up the cable and place it on top of the rack.
  • All cabling installed must be registered and labelled. Both the registration book and labels can be found in the entrance hall. The cable ID label should be placed within 20cm from the connectors on both ends of the cable. On breakout style cables, the label must be placed on the jacket next to the fanout point. Please ensure the information entered is accurate.
  • Side A (the installing party) is responsible for handling cable slack, which should be handled with in the A side rack. On both the A and B side, at least 1 meter of slack should be installed. Additional slack is not permitted on the B side (unless the B side owner has authorized this).
  • All cables must be properly uncoiled before placed in the duct. Any cable in the duct should end up as a straight cable that will not coil in any way. Cables must be placed without tension in the ducts.
  • Cable connectors or extension pieces may not be used in the duct. Nikhef reserves the right to remove such cables from the ducts at any given time.
  • Cables may not be bundled or tied together in the ducts in any form whatsoever.
  • The duct is intended for simplex and duplex cables. Before installing a breakout type fiber cable that contains more than 2 fibers, please contact Nikhef support staff.
  • All installed cables must be of a low flammable or inflammable material and must be free of halogen. Cables must meet the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) with a minimum Euroclass Rating of Class D. Class B2 is preferred. Cables to be used should contain one of the following abbreviations on the jacket; LSZH, LSOH, LS0H, LSFH or OHLS.
  • All cables must be routed into the racks using the existing drop-offs. If it is not possible to use the drop-off for any reason please contact Nikhef support staff for assistance.